King Rabbit



Puzzle-sandbox for all ages! Push boxes to create bridges, break down walls with bombs, find keys and unlock crates, find the portal in each level. Beware of goats, snowmen, and skeletons. Endless challenge, creativity, and adventure awaits!


Create your own levels a friendly drag-n-drop level builder. The possibilities are endless: Puzzles, action games, or complex machines with switches and buttons. 


Share your creations with the world and build a following. Followers will be notified when you publish new levels. If people like your content, you'll earn tips!


Collect limited edition rabbits. Only 100 of each rabbit is created, get yours before they run out! A rabbit marketplace where you can buy and sell rabbits is coming in a future update.


Unlimited community levels are at your fingertips. Join the official King Rabbit discord to share your levels, share feedback, and hang out with the community.

Level Building Guide

Placing Items

Simply drag-and-drop from the item toolbox.


Drag the corner handles. Works great with trees, items, and enemies.

Edit Items

Tap or click on any item to tweak the settings.

Moving Ground

Select the movement icon, then select anywhere inside the lit up area. You can choose from three speeds.


Switches and pressure plates can be linked to many items: moving grounds, saws, spikes, fire, pistons, etc. You can also link multiple grounds together to create moving islands!

Level design tips

Take your time

Relax! A good level can take a couple of hours to create, this is healthy for our ability to focus.

Less is more

Focus on using just a couple of items per level. Filling up your level with too much complexity becomes overwhelming.

Leave clues

Using arrows or paths can gently guide the player. Levels that are too open-ended can make it confusing for players to know what to do next.

Be reasonable

Players can get exhausted with long or very complex or difficult levels and will skip. Challenge yourself by creating fun levels using only a small area and a few items.

Respect time

Waiting isn't fun! If your level involves waiting for something to happen, like a slow moving ground or river, players will get bored and skip.

Design vertical

Most players play King Rabbit on mobile devices, so it's a good idea to design your levels to be more vertical rather than horizontal.

Friend testing

Watch a friend play your level, maybe you'll get some ideas on where to make improvements. Maybe some areas are excessively easy, difficult, or confusing.

Review your stats

Did you publish a level? Come back after a few hours to check the stats! Don't worry, you can make edits to your levels without losing your stats.

Watch replays

You can watch replays of other players playing your levels! Replays are useful to see where players get stuck and skip, consider making those areas more friendly.


Make your levels even better with small improvements, using the feedback from friend testing, stats, and replays!