King Rabbit



Puzzle-sandbox for all ages! Push boxes to create bridges, break down walls with bombs, find keys and unlock crates, find the portal in each level. Beware of goats, snowmen, and skeletons. Endless challenge, creativity, and adventure awaits!


Create your own levels a friendly drag-n-drop level builder. The possibilities are endless: Puzzles, action games, or complex machines with switches and buttons. 


Share your creations with the world and build a following. Followers will be notified when you publish new levels. If people like your content, you'll earn tips!


Collect limited edition rabbits. Only 100 of each rabbit is created, get yours before they run out! A rabbit marketplace where you can buy and sell rabbits is coming in a future update.


Unlimited community levels are at your fingertips. Join the official King Rabbit discord to share your levels, share feedback, and hang out with the community.