King Rabbit

King Rabbit
A puzzle-sandbox with over 50,000 levels, a level builder, and a player-driven economy.
Now supporting Ethereum NFTs.

Play for free

Ultra-rare NFT skins

Only ONE of each rabbit NFT will exist in the world. Play with your NFT in King Rabbit games. 100% owned by you and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain.


  • 50,000 levels
  • Level builder
  • Player-driven economy
  • Rare skins
  • Build a following
  • Cross-platform support

Gameplay Trailer

Puzzle-platformer-sandbox for all ages! Push boxes to create bridges, break down walls with bombs, find keys and unlock crates, find the portal in each level. Beware of goats, snowmen, and skeletons. Endless challenge, creativity, and adventure awaits!

Level Building Trailer

Create your own levels with a friendly drag-n-drop level builder. The possibilities are endless: Puzzles, action games, or complex machines with switches and buttons.